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Elis Yılmaz

Elis Yılmaz

When I was a student at Bilkent University I started my own company with my other founder. We were very good students in every respect, while we were studying. But we had to face a problem that every student faced in Turkey. Internship. The internship is very important for a good career. That's why we were looking for platform to apply. But we had felt the lack of platforms that efficiently brings together right opportunities and students. Even if we apply in a certain way, we can't get any positive or negative response. So, we build which is a website for interns and companies. Today, I'm co-founder and managing partner of Youthall. Youthall is a professional network and new generation employer branding platform that gets companies and youth together. Our company serves over 650 companies from startups to Fortune 500s such as Unilever, P&G, B/S/H/, Pladis (Yıldız Holding), Eczacıbaşı, Türk Telekom, DenizBank and so on. Also, we also provide them employer brand services for example talent program creation, candidate management, field organizations, digital attraction, HR and talent management consultancy. After starting business, I participated in the accelerated Executive MBA programs at Koç University and Sabancı University, and reinforced my training with practical knowledge in entrepreneurship ecosystem. 3 years of entrepreneurship I have been invited to talk about entrepreneurship in 80+ different universities and I am very happy to support and motivate youths!

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